Animal ownership drives demand. The profitability of individual companies depends heavily on effective marketing. Large companies have advantages of scale in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Small companies can compete effectively by offering specialized products or by serving a local market. The Georgian pet food manufacturing industry is not highly concentrated. Several companies that exsists in Georgian market are just suppliang the local market.

How the food is made

Every pet has their own unique needs and preferences. Age. Weight. Dry or wet. Chicken or fish. If you’re unsure of the best formula to feed your pet, we can help to choose the right one. Bebo Holding natural animal food formulas use high-quality ingredients for nutrition that can lead to visible differences in your animals’s health, and you could see these differences for yourself.Nature. Research. Results. To make the healthiest foodsanimals, we start with powerful ingredients found nature. Then, we purposefully combine them, using our expertise in science and research for nutrition you can believe in. We create nutrition to help you feel confident you’re doing the very best for your animals.

What we offer

Bebo Holding provides a range of industry-leading pet food, snacks and pet food products based upon deep expertise in pet nutrition and health. Brands and products range from complete & balanced nutritional offerings to more specific health solutions that deliver benefits such as early development, digestive health, weight management, and senior cognition. We offer fish, pig, cattle and chicken food made by new technologies. We use grains that are raised on our fields. The best quality on local market with the affordable price is ready for customers.

What we do

Bebo Holding is a local supplier of choice for distinctively designed flavours for animal food manifacturing and specialty ingredients, offering highest quality and safe food ingredients promoting a culture of continuous improvement.Through commitment to create long term value, we maintain the highest business standards, product quality, technical and marketing creativity and ethical responsibility. We offer cost effective high quality products with full technical support to satisfy our customer’s needs.

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